Roast Chicken in the Big Green Egg with Lemon Cream Sauce

Yesterday I roasted my first chicken on my new Big Green Egg. I have pretty much found a reason to get it out nearly every day so far and it has certainly not disappointed! I really really love it, I had an offset smoker prior to moving to Perth (who couldn’t come due to space restrictions) and the BBQ just didn’t cut it so I splashed out and got an egg, after watching about 76 egg videos on youtube. The egg is SO much easier to control! I love that I can smoke or roast, and once you get it right it just keeps the temperature for hours!!!!! And to get it hotter it’s so simple to just open the vent a smidge. Anyway, I am seriously in love, maybe it’s because I don’t have any friends here and the egg feels like my very best friend. So far I have cooked mussels, oysters, chicken wings, sausages and now the whole chicken. As soon as we eat this chicken I have a lamb shoulder in the fridge calling my name.

I didn’t use any chunks or chips to smoke this chicken as I wanted to see what it was like roasted cleanly with just the herbs, as my offset smoker always made such smokey chicken but feel free to add whatever your heart desires. The chicken still had a smokey flavour and a slight pink smoke tinge.

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Organic chicken
125g butter / half a stick
2 tbps finely chopped tarragon
2 tbsp finely chopped dill
A few sprigs of tarragon and dill for stuffing
1 large lemon halved
1 white onion (any onion will do) quartered
1 clove of garlic minced
2 whole garlic cloves
Salt & pepper
2 slices of bacon (or one large slice cut in half)

For the sauce
1 cup of Cream
Splash of white wine

  1. Preheat egg (or smoker or oven) to 250F / 120C and setup for indirect heat with a large round dish under the grill plate (on top of the convEGGtor) to catch the chicken drippings.
  2. Pull the chicken out of the fridge and gently wash and pat dry with paper towels.
  3. ‘Just’ melt the butter in a small sauce pan and add the minced garlic, chopped tarragon and dill and then let it cool a little.
  4. Run out to the deck and check that your Big Green Egg hasn’t heated itself up to 450F like mine did. I’m still learning.
  5. Rub the chicken all over with the butter mixture and then sprinkle with salt, pepper and paprika.
  6. Stuff the chicken with the sprigs of tarragon & dill, garlic cloves, onion and lemon and then drizzle a little of the butter into the cavity and give it a massage. Tie the legs together with kitchen string.
  7. Finally, give your chicken a bacon bra by laying the two pieces of bacon on the breasts to protect from drying out.
  8. Pop the chicken on the egg and keep the temperature between 250F – 300F until it reaches 164F / 72C – I cranked the temperature up a little when it was getting close to temp to crisp up this skin.

To make the sauce
Once the chicken is done, pull it off and rest it while you whip together this amazing sauce! Grab the drippings pan under the chicken and whack it on the stove top, pull the stuffing out of the chicken and throw it all in the pan, squeezing out all the lemon juice and discarding the lemons. Then just turn on the heat, add a splash of white wine and get all the good bits off the bottom and mash up the garlic. Then add about a cup of cream and strain. Voila!


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